Voyage Optimization

Our Method

Our method of conducting a sea voyage uses AI algorithms with a dynamic Weather updating concept.
It is proven and capable of massive fuel savings and reduction in GHG emissions.
We average out Weather forecasts and Ocean conditions predictions from multiple sources.
The software is being further developed for integration with our Autonomous ship development software.

Solution’s reliability is further evolved and enhanced through validation of the algorithm output by a very experienced Master Mariner with 25+ years of experience.

Our AI algorithm takes into account:

Once put into action, there is 24*7 support for the Master of the vessel to micro-adjust the required course of vessel and power of engines to get the best output in terms of vessel speed, distance covered, and reduced slip thus giving phenomenal savings on fuel consumption and reducing emissions to meet carbon Intensity targets.

“The shortest distance between two points is not necessarily the correct way to navigate the ship”