As applied to Marine/Industrial power plant it is a holistic Monitoring / Data gathering / Predictive maintenance tool. Not only it will monitor and provide guidance to tune up how power is being developed, but it will also monitor how it is being utilized by consumers.

Based on Commercial requirements for operation, the software then guides the Vessel / Power plant operator into fuel-saving Interventions that are not only providing economy in operation and Saving of Fuel but also the machinery defects become apparent much before a breakdown can occur, thus saving operational losses from breakdowns.

State-of-the-art sensors are used which require no wiring and can integrate easily into the existing plant. They communicate wirelessly thus saving wiring needs. These sensors are based on Raspberry pi and Arduino networking which is continuously monitored and relevant data segregated and collated for further use/analysis.
In conjunction with XTREMENAVIGATOR, the XTREME TUNEUP completes the environmental emissions reduction package which will not only meet MEPC 76 requirements but exceeds them. This is the solution of today, applied to the future needs.