Machinery Monitoring

As a part of the green initiative or as periodic monitoring for planned maintenance, we provide all monitoring solutions for measuring process parameters as well as machinery parameters.

Pressure, viscosity, volume, mass, force, EMF, current, gas spectrometery, heat losses, power factors are only a few examples of what we measure. Analog or Digital solutions are applied as per project requirement. Historical data collection, smart sensors with IoT and Wi-Fi connectivity, and remote location monitoring is our specialty. We are experts and Marine Industry leaders in Raspberry-pi and Arduino based solutions. Simple, effective and economical devices with wireless connectivity and control capability inbuilt in embedded systems are the way of the future in the Industry. We are ready to deploy these future proof solutions at a short notice.

The data output can be traditional or app-based upon the client’s needs. As always, the solution is most economical and with the latest technology available. Free upgrading and maintenance of software is guaranteed. The future of marine industry is going to be data driven, and we are ready for collecting, parsing and analyzing these vast volumes of data to make sensible predictions and propose/execute economical interventions.

Vibration monitoring and Thermal Imagery can be carried out as a single event or as part of a planned package. We also carry out power consumption behavior analysis of Machines due to pinpoint losses and also apply suitable Intervention.

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