Hull Monitoring

For efficient and economical operations of the Vessel’s at sea, we perform the following Hull condition assessments:-

  1. Hull Frictional (in water) Measurements.
  2. Hull Wave interaction and Wake formation/reduction.
  3. Model Experiments for new design as well as old designs to determine EEDI/EEXI.
  4. Hull localized pressure monitoring (Wave and Slamming), calculation and analysis of Hull interactions with ocean.
  5. Hull-Machinery interaction, determination of propulsion efficiency/reduction of losses in propulsion.
  6. Thrust Vector measurements and alignment calculations.
  7. Hull and Slip monitoring and Remote underwater Rover cleaning.
  8. Hull inspection by rovers and videography for owners/class.
  9. Remote drone monitoring, close up inspections of hard-to-access locations.
  10. Hull strain measurements.

All above can be carried out as a single one-off activity or as part of a Periodic monitoring package. We have in house model making capabilities along with Tank testing facilities. Wind and wave generation is arranged on request, and hull behavior in all simulated conditions can be analyzed.

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